Sponsor a Child

Becoming one of our sponsors means:

–    Being part of a special group of “padrinos.”
–    Establishing a unique personal relationship with a child in need.
–    Having the opportunity to meet your student in person.
–    Providing your child a way to escape poverty through education.
–    Watching your young person grow and achieve his/her goals.
–    Interacting with our network of translators who will help you communicate with your child, if necessary.

We have groups and individuals who are sponsors.

–    Many sponsors pledge a support donation of $30/month or more.
–    A number of college students donate $15/month.

We encourage you to participate at any level you can afford.

If you would be interested in sponsoring a student at APUFRAM and becoming a padrino or madrina, please fill complete the form below, and one of our members will get back with you within 5 business days to complete the process.

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